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What issues are faced while handling Netgear Routers?
Netgear works completely fine without any issue but following are the common issues that we face with Netgear router:

You can face some issue in setup configuration of Netgear router.
Unable to login in the Netgear router issue.
Repeated fluctuations in Wi-Fi router connection can occur.
An issue of Internet connectivity can occur.
Driver installation problem and connection problem can arise.
In downloading the update drivers, issues can arrive.
The connection problem with the Windows operating system can also arise.
Setup issue with the wired and wireless Netgear routers can occur.
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Kaylee Smith 
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How to perform updation and configuration of netgear router?
Netgear is a top-notch brand which timely releases new firmware updates to keep their products updated and to keep up their security features. Firmware is a software that is embedded in a hardware (router) to control device behavior. This software provides administrative controls, network protocols and security.
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