Mike Williams

Hi, my name is Mike. I love playing and writing about all things drumming! Welcome to my dropspace.
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My mistakes in playing percussion at acoustic shows in a pop rock band

I’ve been touring for a while now, six years if I have to count. Over the years of traveling, I’ve not only learned to bring less and less, but I’ve also learned to play to the gig. Keep it simple, stupid When we used to do acou
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As a drummer, I can't live without my electronic kit

Something got me thinking the other day. How many drummers before me have never experienced playing electronic drums? They've really only been around since the early 1970s.  So many drumme
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Welcome to my dropspace!

Hey everyone. My name is Mike. I'm totally new to dropspace. I love music, movies, and playing drums is a huge hobby of mine. I started off on the drums when my parents bought me a drum set when I was just ten years old. Thanks for reading and please connect with me if you'd like to network! :)
Mike Williams 
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What's the best way to utilize dropspace.io?!
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3 Reasons Acoustic Drums Are Here To Stay

With the rise of EDM and modern p